You Can't Out Train a Bad Diet!

Whether you are just beginning a workout regimen or an avid fitness enthusiast your diet is extremely important. Why? Because you diet fuels you and can work in conjunction with your workouts, if you are eating right! Every time you put something in your mouth you are giving your body a chance to either use the nutrients or store the nutrients (sometimes as fats). I personally think it is ok to enjoy treats and believe everything should be eaten in moderation, however, keep these 3 ideas in mind:

1. Don't trick yourself by thinking "I worked out today, I can eat this." That is simply not how it works.

2. At the end of the day it's calories in (food we eat), vs. calories out (calories burned through exercise and daily activity). To lose weight, we need to burn more than we consume consistently over a period of time. It is much easier to consume than to burn.

3. Know what is in your food. The granola bar that says, "whole grain, low fat, high protein" - actually take a look at it's ingredients. You would be surprised to learn what is in it! Does it contain sugar alcohols or other carbohydrates? Details in my next post!

Samantha FriedmanComment