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Achieving your fitness goals can be difficult, there is no denying that. With have work, family and many other commitments that take up our time.  Living a healthy lifestyle is about making and keeping a commitment to make yourself a priority and make educated decisions about your fitness and nutrition.  In the craziness that life brings, we believe planning ahead of time (both your workouts and meals) is a tool for success. Committing yourself to use our services will immediately begin your pre-planning as we will design an individualized, approachable plan. Our skilled, passionate team will help you get focused on achieving your goals, and teach you the tools to maintain on your own.  Regardless of what level you are on, if you are ready to make a change, we are ready to work with you. 



Gyms can be overwhelming and classes can be intimidating. As you work with me one on one I will guide you to understand what machines and exercises are right for your body and simultaneously monitor your form to prevent injuries. You won't have to question what exercise you should do next, or what exercises are necessary to reach your goals -- I will do that piece for you. Personal training can help to hold you accountable to your fitness goals and also gives you a way to measure and track your progress.


Core Fit offers a wide variety of group fitness classes for clients of all different fitness levels, abilities and ages! We offer a multitude of unique classes geared towards specific populations. Core Fit classes are challenging but foster a team like environment, are fun, supportive and encourage clients to use modifications or progressions when needed. Check our purchase page to see what is currently being offered!


There is so much information out there and so many methods of eating, from paleo to vegan it can get pretty overwhelming. One day an egg is a superfood, the next day its “the #1 food to stay away from.” We want to help make sense of this all. Help you to identify how many calories you should intake based on your goals (and many other factors) and more specifically what macronutrients (carbs, protein & fats) you need. This isn’t a diet, it is a lifestyle and we want to help you reach your goals in a practical manner that you can then maintain on your own. Depending on what level of support you would like, we can create a meal plan based on your specific macros as well as give you ongoing support and coaching. No matter how hard you are working in the gym, unless you are fueling your body properly, you will not see the results you want. Check out our purchase page to see the different levels of programing and which is right for you!


We want to help clients all over the world so we have designed workout guides for you to use in your own home or in your local gym.  These guides specifically target different goals and will guide you step by step to reach them, showing you exactly what exercises you need to do, when and what proper form looks like. Check out or purchase page to learn more about programs currently available.