Core Fit Workouts

Core Fit Workouts

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Need help figuring out what to do for your workouts? Let me help you and give you two workouts a week with the exercise name and the amount of reps and sets you should do. I will provide a picture or description where necessary. You will also have support from me if you have any questions. These workouts will be 20 - 40 minutes long, designed to be done from at home or in the gym - just a set of dumbbells needed. Upon purchase you will be invited to a private Facebook group where the workouts will be given.

Weekly Workouts:
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  • For the month(s) of February and/or March

  • Monday February 4 through March 29

  • $24/1 month - $44/2 months

  • 2 Workouts a week delivered to a private Facebook group you will be invited to upon purchase

  • Workouts delivered Sunday of each week

  • Workouts can be done from at home or in the gym

  • Workouts will be full body. Some days may either have a upper, lower or core focus but overall will be getting in full body workouts

  • Workouts will range from 20 - 40 minutes

  • Will include move name, set and rep scheme

  • Will be written so they can be customized for strength training, or interval training

  • Ongoing Support from Sam