From the moment I met Sam she made me feel welcomed and motivated. I was afraid to start my fitness journey because I had been so out of shape for so long, but Sam talked with me online explaining the steps we would take to get started which made me more comfortable. She worked with my budget and helped me to figure out a good meal plan for my hectic life. I started working one on one with Sam in October of 2016 by March of 2017 I had lost 30 pounds and went from a size 16 to a 10. If your looking for a trainer who truly cares and takes the time to get to know you, you’re in the right place. Sam helped me lose weight, gain confidence, and become a less stressed woman. If she wasn’t across the country from me I would still be taking her classes and personal training sessions!
— Chelsey Hilburn - Ochoa
I highly recommend Samantha as a trainer. Before I started working with Samantha, I was unable to complete a mile while running. I’ve done spin classes for years, but that workout left me lacking in so many other fitness areas. Samantha worked with me and, before long, I was able to run that mile and much more. Samantha’s whole body approach, with a focus on core strength, guarantees that you leave a workout with her feeling stronger and accomplished. I also find her to be great company and very approachable to ask any fitness question that I may have. Highly recommend!
— Meaghan Pincket Decker
I really love Samantha as a trainer! I have tried both her group fitness classes and personal training; the workout are challenging, but she is a great motivator and I always leave feeling like I got a good workout in. I have four kids and it has taken a toll on my body, so I did a lot of looking around after having having my last baby because I was ready to get fit again and I just really loved what Samantha had to offer Moms like me. Not only is she affordable, but she offers childcare! I am excited to be working out again and becoming a happier and healthier person. I definitely recommend Core Fit!
— Suzy Robinson
Samantha is a consistent and inspiring trainer who brings new challenges and variety to our weekly one-hour class, achieving the ultimate full body workout. Her enthusiasm is contagious and her positive attitude pushes everyone beyond their personal best on every occasion.
— Aaron Pecoraro
I’m so sore right now! I never knew my core was so weak before I started this class. Actually, Sam’s workouts are unique, challenging and get results. I am in the best shape of my life because her workouts are fun and encourage me to keep working out for the rest of the week. Side note, she is a little evil. Beware.
— Spencer Piland
Samantha always brings new and unique ideas to workouts, making sure no work outs are the same. Her ability to motivate others in a positive manner makes the class an amazing experience.
— Rolen Le
Sam is the best trainer I’ve worked with. She designs new full body routines each week, and pushes you to work harder than you ever would by yourself. I would highly recommend her to anyone who is looking to get in shape.
— Jesse Samuelson
Sam has been a huge help in keeping me fit. In 2012 she designed a customized training plan that got me ready for a half marathon in less than 2 months. I finished the half marathon in under 2 hours and felt amazing! Additionally, I have trained arms, abs, lower body and cardio with Sam every week for the past year and a half. She has been such a help in getting me and keeping me in shape. I have seen drastic improvements in muscle definition and cardio endurance. Her total body training sessions are tough and you will definitely work up a sweat, but the variety she offers make your workout fun too. Don’t be surprised if you are a little sore for a few days after!
— Serena Mendis
I reached out to Samantha remotely, from DC, for a few challenging routines to add to my typical workouts during the week. I have always worked out consistently, but with my wedding 2 months away I figure there is no time like the preesnt. I find it difficult to target those “hard to reach” areas without spending tons of time in the gym. I was a catcher in high school, and since then I’ve found it increasingly difficult to keep my *butt* in check. Within 24 hrs, I had the routines in my inbox, perfectly named “Leah’s Bootyful Wedding Workout” - LOL! Samantha was available for my questions (there were a few) about form and the correct weights to use that day as I did the workout. She is knowledgeable, attentive, and has a genuine interest in her clients needs...and I already feel the results today as I’m sore in places I didn’t realize exist! Highly recommend Samantha!!
— Leah Fernandez